Wetpour Daily Mile Track in Cambridgeshire

Wetpour Daily Mile Track in Cambridgeshire

We can install a Wetpour Daily Mile track in various designs depending on your requirements. Please contact us today to discuss your wetpour track.

Wetpour Daily Mile Surfacing in Cambridgeshire

Wet pour surfacing offers fantastic, weatherproof and durable outdoor protection for people of all ages.  Traditionally installed as part of school playgrounds and public play parks, wet pour can also be used in the surfacing of running tracks and other sports courts. 

Wetpour daily mile surfacing in Cambridgeshire PE28 2 can be used to help encourage young people to head out of the classroom and to run and job their way to that essential 15 minutes per day of exercise. 

Fantastic porous flooring can be relied upon all year round to offer durable outdoor safety.

Schools Daily Mile

The schools Daily Mile initiative started in 2012.  It was set up in an effort to encourage school children and teenagers to get out and do at least 15 minutes’ worth of exercise per day, or the equivalent of jogging or running a mile. 

Children may even walk it if they like!  The overall aim is to encourage young people to start getting up and about more, in the wake of alarming childhood obesity figures.


Wetpour golden mile surfacing can be laid and installed as part of an existing athletics track or sports field.  With a solid sub base installed underneath, our team (https://www.rubber-wetpour.co.uk/cambridgeshire/) will be able to support you with local, reliable surface expertise to ensure you get the coverage you require from season to season. 

Traditional sports tracks and surfacing will be at risk of cracking or deteriorating through years of use.  Therefore, it is always a good idea to look to upgrade every once in a while.

Wet Pour for Golden Mile Track

Using wet pour for golden mile tracks is a great idea.  If your school in Cambridgeshire PE28 2 is making a point of taking on the Golden Mile, you are going to need a circuit which can withstand an incredible footfall on a daily basis. 

Strong and durable surfacing, installed in a range of different colours, will not just resist years of use – it will look fantastic, too

Providing you have a sturdy base option installed – such as type 1 stone or no-fine concrete – your students will be able to walk, jog and run down a wet pour track without fear of injury should they trip, slip or fall.  Slipping is kept to a minimum, too – as water will simply pour straight through to the soil, never pooling on the surface. 

Soft, shock-absorbent wet pour will ensure children are not badly hurt if they happen to fall down.

"The children love their Daily Mile track and it has made a wonderful addition to the school"

Mile a Day Track Surfacing

There are several different options you can choose from when it comes to setting up the perfect mile a day track.  Mile-a-day track surfacing needs to be hard-wearing and weather-resistant.  Wetpour, however, is very high on our list of recommendations.

  • Wet pour daily mile surfaces, as mentioned, are completely porous. Providing you have a sub base installed underneath, there will be no risk of water getting on the running track to offer slip hazards.
  • Wet pour surfaces also work great underfoot. There is a definite bounce, which will help to support an even run or job all the way around.  The danger of sticking with an old or uneven surface means kids may wear out easier or may be at greater risk of having accidents.
  • We can design and install wet pour flooring in a variety of different colours. We understand that sports tracks and surfacing often need a little bit of character to them!  Be sure to ask us for our full range of colours before we start work for you.

Wet Pour Daily Mile Track

We are local providers of wet pour daily track surfacing for nearby schools throughout the region.  As such, we recommend you contact our team as soon as possible if you have a need for wetpour running track surfaces near me. 

We support a flexible tariff.  This means we will be only too happy to work out a quote for you when you first contact our team.  We don’t publish our fees online.  Rather, we build bespoke quotes for our customers based on their exact needs. 

This way, we can offer unique tariffs and solid expectations for you.  We provide competitive rates for surfacing regardless of your needs and requirements.

Rubber Mile Active Surface

A rubber mile active surface in Cambridgeshire PE28 2 will be one which you’ll never need to maintain or make changes to you.  We guarantee years and years of active use waiting for you – which is more than you’d be able to look forward to with everyday tarmac! 

Wet pour daily mile surfacing is being used by more and more nearby schools throughout the surrounding areas.  Mark up and design your own tracks with colourful, flexible flooring, while resting safe in the knowledge that you are providing your students with optimum safety when they go out on their runs.

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Find out about other areas wetpour can be used here: https://www.rubber-wetpour.co.uk/blog/where-is-wetpour-used

Wetpour Track Installers in Cambridgeshire

We are specialist wetpour track installers.  Our aim is to help schools near me with wetpour needs – for active mile tracks, playground surfacing and more besides.  The cost of a wetpour surface will pay for itself in years to come.  Find out about costs here https://www.rubber-wetpour.co.uk/cost/cambridgeshire/

It is a cost-effective, safe option for all public and educational services to take advantage of.

What's more, we're pleased to be able to support the highest quality products and extensive expertise for competitive prices.  If you have already searched for nearby or local wetpour specialists, we should be your next port of call.

We may even become your closest allies in the hunt for reliable, safe school flooring.

Along with the installation, we can also offer repairs to the surface. If you would like to find out about repairs, please click here https://www.rubber-wetpour.co.uk/wetpour-repairs/cambridgeshire/

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We always encourage you to enquire now if you have any specific wetpour needs.  Our wetpour daily mile surfacing in Cambridgeshire PE28 2 is flexible, affordable and the best choice for hard-wearing sports coverage. 

Looking to improve physical fitness in your school?  Consider taking a closer look at our services, our products and more.

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