Rubber Wet Pour in Suffolk

Rubber Wet Pour in Suffolk

As professional rubber wet pour installers, we can offer the very best prices throughout the UK. Please contact us today for a price.

Wetpour Rubber Flooring in Suffolk

Wetpour Rubber Flooring in Suffolk

We have installed wetpour rubber flooring for over 20 yeaars and have become the very best in the industry. If you would like to know more, please complete our enquiry form.

Wet Pour Rubber Installers in Suffolk

Wet Pour Rubber Installers in Suffolk

If you are looking for wet pour rubber installers in the UK, make sure to enquire today.

Wet Pour Rubber Surfaces Suffolk

As experts in the play surfacing industry, we can install rubber wet pour surfaces professionally in Suffolk CO10 0 at fantastic prices (

Wetpour Rubber surfacing can be used in many different settings, including nurseries, schools, play parks and holiday sites.

Wetpour Rubber is a rubberised crumb safety surfacing that is a two layer system.

The top layer, also known as the wearing course, is made up of EPDM rubber granules. The wearing course is laid over an SBR base layer.

The rubber granules are bonded together using polyurethane resin binder, which is hard-wearing, making it a long-lasting surface that you can use for interior and exterior projects.

The wetpour rubber surface floorings that we provide have been extensively tested to meet the BS EN 1177 Safety Standards and Critical Fall Height (CFH) requirements.

Industry-standard safety testing is required to guarantee the surface meets the necessary safety requirements.

Read this blog for more information about safety flooring

If you would like to know more about what we can offer, get in touch with us, and we can discuss our services with you.

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Playground Surfacing

This rubber crumb surface (also known as soft tarmac) is most commonly used as play surfaces as it provides a safety element that other surfaces cannot achieve.

Wet-pour rubber surfacing is a safety surface due to its impact absorbing properties, meaning it can meet certain Critical Fall Height criteria required for many play areas and playgrounds.

To meet Critical Fall Height requirements, we have to alter the required depth of the wetpour. The type of sub-base the rubber surfacing is laid on has an impact on the Critical Fall Height as well.

"The team did an excellent job at repairing our damaged playground. We are so happy with how it looks now and knowing it is safe to use again."

If you have an area with playground equipment on it, we strongly recommend installing some safety surfaces.

There are different surface options to choose from and many suppliers, so it’s worth doing your research to find the most suitable play surface and company for you.

When you choose to play equipment, you should speak to the equipment suppliers to determine the Critical Fall Heights for this type of apparatus.

This will depend on the highest platform height. Once we know this, we can ensure we allow for the correct depth of wet pour surfacing to meet the requirements and ensure the children's surfacing is safe.

This play surface is trendy in playgrounds and parks all over the UK due to its safety elements and its range of colours and design.

As safety is key in society, protecting your children should be the main priority for all schools, nurseries, daycares and play parks.

What Are Wet Pour Rubber Surfaces?

Poured rubber is a type of playground flooring that is seamless and made up of tiny rubber grains that have been glued together. It isn't a flimsy material (like rubber mulch, wood chips, sand, or dirt).

If you require more information on impact absorbing surfacing, please contact our team.

What Is a Wetpour Surface?

A 'wet pour' surface is a blended mix of rubber granules linked together, created on-site and deposited on an existing suitable or particularly prepared base.

This gives a continuous surfacing devoid of seams or discontinuities.

In unusual instances on a vast area, one joint may be necessary.

Wet Pour Rubber Flooring 

Wet pour rubber flooring is a versatile surface which makes it very popular. Our team of specialist installers in Suffolk CO10 0 can lay this surfacing in various colours and designs.

This allows us to provide a colourful, fresh and engaging finish which you will be happy with.

Wetpour surfacing is ideal for many places; please see below for some of the most popular places we install our surfacing:

  • Playgrounds and play areas
  • Schools and nurseries
  • Care homes
  • Parks and public areas
  • Domestic gardens
  • Residential facilities
  • Golf clubs, and much more.

For more information on wet pour colours and where you can have this surface installed, please get in touch with our team.

Wet Pour Rubber Crumb Surfacing

We can create a bespoke design for you and have done this for many organisations across the UK.

There is a huge selection of wetpour EPDM graphic inserts that we can install into the safety surface. Adding wetpour graphics to an area can make it look great and add an educational aspect.

This is why many nurseries and schools choose to have numbers, geometric shapes alphabets and roadway designs installed.

Please find out more about our range of wetpour graphics by visiting this page or speaking to a team member.

Fill in our contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


How Do You Pour Wetpour Rubber?

Mix for a few minutes after pouring the binder into the bag containing the surface. Pour the rubber onto the area to be covered, then shape and smooth it.

Can You Drive on Wet Poured Rubber?

Do not drive on rubber playground surfaces. Rubber tiles may support the vehicle's weight, but poured-in-place rubber surfaces, particularly those with thicker foundation layers, may not.

Avoid using xylene or any other lacquer thinner on or near your playground surface.

Wetpour Flooring in Suffolk

Our team has completed many different variations of wetpour flooring projects as we can customise to suit each customer's individual needs and requirements.

Wetpour can be installed onto a range of sub-bases, such as MOT Type 1 compacted stone, tarmac and no fines concrete.

If you would like some more information regarding the sub-base, our team can discuss this with you.

For any prices or quotes, call us and discover our range of products and services.

How Much Is Wet Pour Surfacing?

Safety standards, colour selections, patterns, the quality of the current surface, location, and a few other considerations all influence the cost of a wet pour playground surface.

Wet Pour Rubber Installers

In our constant search for perfection, we have an in-house team of specialists with over 21 years of experience that have fine-tuned the craft of installing rubber flooring.

We understand the need for a quality product, and our treasured customers want the greatest value for the money.

Whether you want a daily mile installed or a playground, we can offer the best prices.

We endeavour to find a way to provide our customers with a fantastic product.

Exceptional service and professional wet pour rubber installers allow us to maintain a high-performance grade consistently.

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Over the last two decades of installing wet pour surfacing in Suffolk CO10 0 in the UK, we have gathered a wealth of experience that we believe makes us industry experts.

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