Wet Pour Repair in East Sussex

Wet Pour Repair in East Sussex

We can offer top quality wetpour repairs for areas which have damaged or shrunken over time. Please enquire today for a free quote for your repairs.

Wet Pour Border Repair in East Sussex

Wet Pour Border Repair in East Sussex

We can offer a wetpour border repair if you find your surface is shrinking at the edge. If you would like a price, please complete our contact form.

Playground Repair Service in East Sussex

Playground Repair Service in East Sussex

We offer a high quality playground repair service at great prices. If you are interested in a quote, please complete our enquiry form now for more information.

Wet Pour Repairs in East Sussex

We recommend that all wet pour surfaces are monitored regularly to keep an eye out for any wetpour repairs in East Sussex BN26 6 which might be needed. If you carry out daily or weekly checks, then you would most likely spot any damages and trip hazards before they became too much of a risk and a problem.

The earlier you spot any damage on the surface, the better. As more than likely it will be easier and less expensive to resolve. Leaving it a while, not only could it be a health and safety issue but could also make it a more expensive surfacing repair because it could continue to get worse.

There are many different types of issues which can happen when you have any surface. The two most common type of surfacing repairs which we carry out on wetpour are band repairs and overlays.

We can carry out repairs to play areas, golden mile tracks https://www.rubber-wetpour.co.uk/daily-mile/east-sussex/ and much more.

Our wetpour safety surfacing experts are able to offer a range of repairs to the damaged area and surrounding area. Please contact us to discuss your project as costs can vary depending on what is needed.


Wet Pour Shrinking Edge

Wetpour is made up of rubber and rubber has properties in it which causes it to expand and shrink. The expanding and shrinkage can be increased for many reasons but the main reason is due to your climate.

Due to the expanding and shrinking, a common repair which is needed for wet pour surfaces is what we call a band repair. Many times we get customers contacting us saying that their wet pour surface is coming away from the edge and leaving a gap at the perimeter.

This can cause a trip hazard and also weeds can start growing in the gap which makes it looks less appealing. As this surface is commonly installed in facilities which children use, they can see the gap around the edge and start messing with it, causing it to get worse and become more of an issue.

Rubber crumb perimeter shrinkage is a common problem, especially in older products as it loses its elasticity over time and with the fluctuating climate of the UK it reduces around the edge.

Wet Pour Band Repair in East Sussex

If you’re in need of a band repair, our specialist team in East Sussex BN26 6 will cut back the perimeter of the damaged area and then install a new rubber surface around the perimeter. This might be confusing to understand so we tell people to imagine it like a picture frame and the band is the frame.

If you’d like to discuss this in more detail and to get an idea of how this would appear, we will be happy to go through the process with you and also send over some case studies showing our previous projects.

"I am so please with how my surface looks now, the team did a great repair for a great cost"

For this type of repair, we recommend that you choose a different colour for the perimeter than the main section of the area. This is because over time the colour of rubber granules can discolour and fade and also each batch of wetpour can be slightly different in colour.

If you have a blue wet pour surface and the edge has shrunk, we would recommend a black or different colour perimeter repair because you are not going to be able to match the same colour as the existing.

Our team can also carry out patch repairs when fixing the edge. If you don't want a patch repair, you may be interested in the addition of graphics where the tears are https://www.rubber-wetpour.co.uk/graphics/east-sussex/

Wet Pour Overlay

A wetpour overlay or wetpour recap is where we overlay an existing wetpour surface with a new layer and this is normally a 15mm wetpour layer.

This could be requested for areas which are looking old and tired or because the area requirements have changed. If a surface requires multiple repairs, an overlay will be the best option.

An overlay will give a completely new look to the playground surfacing, which is why it is popular. A recapped surface will give a facelift to an existing area. The surface is simply overlaid with a brand new safety surface for a complete transformation.

We can offer overlays on the play area in the same colour or an alternative colour depending on your requirements. 

Wetpour Rip Up & Replacement

Some people choose to have their playground surface fully ripped up and replaced. This tends to be the most costly option due to the time and the costs involved with disposing of playground surfacing.

If you’ve had issues with your existing surface and it’s old, then you might decide that a brand new surface is the best option.

To find out more about this type of service, speak to us and we will explain what is involved.

Great prices guaranteed!


Wetpour Repair Maintenance

Our rubber company can carry out minor repairs along with full replacements when it comes to wetpour repair maintenance. If your existing surface has minor issues caused by atmospheric conditions or removal of play equipment, we can fix this. 

When moving play equipment, you are left with holes where the equipment used to be. We can carry out patch repairs on these areas of your playground surfacing. 

Small repairs can be very costly to get installers to come to the play area site for such small areas. We often recommend a wet pour repair kit instead for your existing flooring.

Wetpour Repair Kits

In order to save on costs, we offer the supply of a wet pour repair kit, which allows you to 'do it yourself'. Wet pour repair kits are a quick and easy fix and do not require a specialist to come to site. 

You may be wondering how to use the wet pour repair kit. 

The wet pour repair kit contains the perfect ratio of polyurethane resin binder and EPDM rubber granules for the wearing course and base rubber if needed. In order to complete the repair to the damaged area, you will need a stanley knife to cut out the affected area and a plastering trowel to make the repair as flat as possible.

Don't worry if you don't have the perfect paddle style mixer or screeder - wet pour repair kits are generally used for minor damage, so these repairs aren't usually very noticeable.

If you just have minor damage, then our wetpour repair kit can be ordered. Our wet pour repair kit comes with instructions and materials and is available in a range of colours to suit your requirements.

For more information on our wetpour repair kit for your safety surfacing, please speak to our team members and we can offer costs for DIY repair kits and more information.

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If you have existing wetpour safety surfacing which has become damaged, it is important to get this repaired as soon as possible. 

Any queries regarding repairs for any rubber surfaces, please contact our local team (https://www.rubber-wetpour.co.uk/east-sussex/) and we can get back to you with advice and a free quotation with competitive prices.

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